Saturday, November 14, 2009

Weekend Musings

Went to sleep last night pretty late (~4:30), but of course, no sleeping in these days, weekday or weekend. I was up ~9:00, but whoosh, it's the afternoon and i'm just really getting settled and started. Where the morning went, i have no idea, but hopefully i can still make something of the rest of this day.

Okay, that bit was from yesterday (Saturday). The rest of the day was spent by:
- lunch with Howie and Chris (got picked up, hence the interruption above)
- random outings (Costco, then trying to track down a kid who Chris sold something to online and whose check bounced. The attempt was unsuccessful only ending with a "I don't want to go court over this" note on their door, but that's about the extent of excitement and adventure here in Westchester.
- home for a bit, eating collected scrapings for dinner while hiding in my bedroom. I've been eating this way for about the last 3 weeks.
- sent in job app - YES.
- screwed around online / tended to a little knitting and material organization, updated ravelry.
- around 10:30 when i was already in my pjs, Howie called with an invite to go bowling. The spontaneous plan ended up being lots of fun (though i sat out for the games to save money), and more surprisingly, no phone calls from home! And we even went out to eat afterward and i stayed out til ~1:30. I think i might've found a new way of sneaking out - later at night when i can make it look like i'm already in bed. This tactic has worked once and failed once, so i shall reexamine the details and see what made it successful this time around...

Anyway, new day. Spent 2.5 hours of my afternoon on the phone with car insurance people, and though i feel like i've been mildly productive with my day thus far, i look down and realize i'm still in my pjs. As far as the coverage status goes - apparently, i was deducted for six months back in June (when my card was still valid) so i was covered all through til December after all. This was the good news. The bad news started when i tried to update my address. It turns out that my premium increased because of the move, which i somewhat expected, but it was from 317 to 600-something. As if that wasn't enough, they then asked me that "who else lives in your new household?" question. Since it was posed much more casually than that, i didn't think much about it and told them i live with my parents. Then they start asking me for their names, coverage status, insurer, driver's license info... When i told them i don't have any of that on hand right now, they quoted me for $2800 or some BS as such. Me and my big mouth - but at this point it wasn't as though i could tell them that "no wait, i mean, i DON'T live with my parents. Or anyone." I told them that there's no way i'd be able to pay that much, and even if i provided the info to bring it down to the 600s, neither did i want to go through the hassle of finding all this info and faxing it and whatnot, when even with it my rate was jumping 200% because my zip code changed. It's really too bad that they have this new (?) procedure now because they just lost a customer of 7+ years. I shopped around for others, and it turns out that no one else asks for that info! (Heart that that may only have happened because of a *change* in address, but ito doesn't with new quotes). And, it even turns out that i found someone else for $235, which was a lot cheaper than what i started with. Heh. Well, at least that makes me feel better about spending the whole afternoon with this ordeal. I am cancelling the original policy and getting a refund for the unused portion, while i'm also already set with payments on the new policy for the next 6 months.

In other news, i've been really good with my abstinence. Okay, it's only been 3 days, but a completely clean and honest 3 days at that. Not even a cigarette to compensate. The weekend was a hump of course with all the social outings and recreational domestic activities, but if i get through today, i'm hoping that i'll hear back from the job relatively soon in the coming week because that would strengthen my resolve. If i don't, then it'll be an indefinite length of time, but at least that'll give my system more time to cleanse out.

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