Thursday, November 5, 2009

At Fuel in Wallingford (the one we never got to) to put approximately an hour or so's worth of work. I dropped Joni off in the rain (silly Seattleites, it's pouring and everyone just puts on a coat and hat. No raingear, no (almost no) umbrellas, just walking around wet and miserable). Took stupid routes back across I-5, waited at the longest light ever because of it, and still ended up getting to the hardware store to buy stuff for the garage and kitchen. Although I'm disappointed, I went there to support a local mom & pop business, and their selection and prices sucked as compared to IKEA. I feel bad feeling bad about that, but dude I was frustrated. Ah well, I gave them a shitload of money so that should be a mitzvah, as my kosher peeps would say.

So today I'm going to try to crank out a bit more on the feces, and then later go home and make a more simplistic version of the pasta. Not going to make the gnocchi, just make the sauce & sautee the delicata instead of roasting it for time's sake. I don't have time right now to do massive pumpkin gnocchi from scratch bullshite.

Also, I showered. Yay!

I have to make a list of things that I normally purchase at the grocery store, too. We're tweaking the 'shared food' system so that we don't overspend or have other people pay for stuff they never use. So we're going to see where our purchases actually overlap and use that as a basis. I was like dude we are professional planners, I think we can manage our food purchasing if we're going to be writing masterplans for cities. I love pulling that out. Like people, we have masters degrees in this! We can do it!

I think I totally stole this table from a girl who was eyeing it, but I didn't realize until I was getting set up and she walked away. Now I feel like an asshole. Too late though, we're both all set up. Ah well. Maybe that's my karmic reward for dropping a fitty at Tweedy & Pop's.

Oh by the way, I do very much appreciate the good morning texts! Even if I don't make full use of them I think it does help in a way. I just have to drink more water at night. I'm super dehydrated I think, or at least just not getting enough throughout the day, so if I have a bunch at night it just gets absorbed into my cells, haha. But yeah, big thank you for that, you're awesome.

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  1. Yays for efforts to support local businesses, home-cooking, and showering! As for the cafe table - meh, just give yourself a pat for having the conscience to notice the girl/feel anything about it. With that said, eyeing and claiming are two different things so too bad for her that she didn't go with the latter.

    Not a problem in the least re: wake-up texts. Glad to do it if it makes any difference for you - i'm already up anyway so it's not a hassle in the least. Feel free to send me Go-To-Bed Texts in the evening - i'll really be shooting for midnight every night this week. I think i'm getting too old for all this late-night, short-sleep activity. (And now that the old man's back, i can never sleep in so i have to go to bed at normal hours if i want to get a decent amount of snooze.)