Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Aw shit, well when I'm not doing anything I have no urge to broadcast it. But! I will add this to my iGoogle homepage so that I know when you've posted and can comment, and it will prompt me. Yes.

Today I set my alarm for 7:30, hit snooze with prejudice until 8:30, then spent 90 minutes or so fucking around on the webs. Downstairs, breakfast, chatted with Grace, hit the road and went to Wayward cafe, where the barista had shaved her head for Halloween (Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta - dedication!).

Went through more of my sources about the Netherlands and floods, found out that a couple of them are no help whatsoever. Also found some good ones about the US but I'm scared to look at those for now, so I think I'm going to try to write the whole Netherlands part, see how that goes, then switch to the US when that's done.

I'm lacking in some sources about some things, I think, but have to double check. Might have more in print.

Worked from 10:30ish until 5ish, with some breaks for tomfoolery, chatting, etc. But for the most part really nose-to-grindstone. Added 5-10 pages of quotes & notes. Still need to make with the writing.

Then finally emptied the melted ice out of the cooler, hauled it downstairs and loaded the fridge up with the leftover beer cans. Holy shitty beer festival Batman.

Aaaand I noticed that the pumpkins had gone bad apparently very quickly and were disintegrating into the cooking magazines onto which they had been stacked, and mentioned I'd need some assistance getting them outside. Then thought to myself, hey, my awesome Eric pumpkin isn't rotting, I can still take pictures! Fast forward an hour, suddenly the pumpkins are gone because Joni just threw them out without asking for help. Mixed emotions: awesome that she took on that disgusting task, really sad that I got no pumpkin pictures, and I feel like an ass for not helping. So thanks Joni, I hate you, you're awesome!

Also: dinner tonight was delicious.

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  1. Gooooood good job on the successful solidarity! I've been having similar issues with waking up in the morning and not snoozing for as long as i do. I don't think that function was originally designed for multiple hours of consecutive use, and i'm sure my cat hates me for it. If you want me to, i can give you a wake up call because as late as i wake up, it'll probably still be before you do. I can pester you on the phone until you're up on your feet, in the bathroom, splashing cold water on your face. (Good idear, btw.) I know this service can't be rendered mutually because of the time difference, but instead maybe you can make sure in the evening time that i head to bed by a certain time. [Alternatively, i can have people in a time zone ahead of *me* to give me a wake up call (like Japan) - but that may get expensive, those people most definitely will have bigger problems to deal with than my inability to wake up, and will probably only wonder why i don't just use that g-damned snooze.]

    Moving on.

    So so very sad about missing the Eric pumpkin. Was it too late to retrieve it from the trash? (Guessing it was covered in other pumpkin nastinesses - carved pumpkins really do deteriorate at an alarming rate.) I'm sure it was a masterpiece. I know how awkward that feeling is too where someone does something that's more like a favor, but one you really wish they hadn't taken on (at least, not without mentioning/asking first), but you feel bad about feeling bad about it. Curses. Hey... maybe you can carve an Eric pun'kin again for your next fun/creative session, and now pumpkins are probably on sale post-Halloween, and also chances are that he'll turn out even better this time because you've had the practice.

    OR, you can knit a two-toned tote with Eric as the pattern. Omg, that'd be so super badass.