Sunday, November 8, 2009

Plans Toward the Weekend

[I wrote this on Friday on my computer where i didn't have Internet access, so i'm posting it now. Maybe the fact that the contents are out of date make it obsolete and irrelevant for a to-do-list blog, but just trying to fill in the gap and tie me into Sunday plans. :]

Plans toward the weekend have changed a bit.

D had very recently told me that he's coming into NYC from LA. He arrived on Tuesday, and he has to be back at work in LA on Sunday morning so his stay is short and he (being D) has a lot of people to meet, and he only had time on Friday morning open. He'll be headed toward Connecticut later today, but rather than meeting up somewhere along the way (which is where i live), we decided it's easier if i came down to the City so that's what this morning was devoted to. It was a commuter train during commuting hours, which always gives me a glimpse as to what my life might be like if i work in the City (especially if i stay living with my parents). The Hudson Line is beautiful, especially this time of year as it follows alongside the river surrounded by autumn foliage with the cliffs and the crisp air, though this fare is so g-damned expensive (roundtrip could cost more then $30. This is also why i can't go into the City very often).

Anyway, Grand Central/the subways were INSANE, thanks to baseball. Dang Yankees fans - if i was indifferent about the game/teams before, i'm not anymore after today.

Met up with D, had brunch. It was great to see him and catch up. The last time we met may have been LA, 3.5 years ago. Seeing old friends has actually been the theme of this past year, it seems, starting with the high school 10th year reunion last November. This summer, i met up with more old friends in Japan (high school and SF). Then since moving back to Westchester, it's been everyone from kindergarten to CMU. Then of course there has been the travelling - like seeing you and Lauren and D&A. Much of this made possible by FaceBook. Oddly enough, very few run-ins with Cornell faces, and this may stay this way. Granted, that era was much more recent in my life, as well as shorter in duration, so that may be a lot of it.

Then i was in Midtown by J's workplace so we met up during lunch. Did go out last night on what was intended to be that non-date. It was fun and i enjoyed the socialization and company and the talking and the friendliness. - except he caught me off-guard at the end of the night with a kiss, and i was initially not too sure about it but we ended up making out. Oy. I guess it wasn't necessarily bad - i can use the loosening-up, probably deserve the fun, and afterall, it's been a while for me (S kissed me at a rate of about twice a year and had a heart made of ice shards), and the positive attention was pretty nice. I'm not necessarily the most attracted to him physically, but am drawn socially and mentally to him (goofiness and seriousness match pretty well), which is pretty cool. (Either that, or i felt too bad to stop it from happening so i'm justifying things in my mind. I have yet to decide which is the case.) We talked about where this was to go, and we both agreed to keep it fun and casual so that's probably where it'll eventually stop. I just hope that it actually stays fun and light, and that no one ends up changing their mind (for feeling more or feeling less) and getting hurt.

Anyway, so yah, since i was in the City (a rare occasion) and right around the corner from his work this afternoon after parting with D, we met up for lunch, and had another chunk of good time. There is talk of meeting up this weekend, if timing/logistics allow. This shall be extra fun for the following reason.

My supplier finally got back to me yesterday, and i shall be picking up a new batch this evening (and spice up social activities). H's roomie may be my new local buddy to enjoy the stuff with, and J definitely will be if i make it down to the City again. The distance does place a strain on such possibilities so i have to see.

I'm typing this on the train, in a car full of really loud and obnoxious teenagers. The adults (especially the ones who are standing because there aren't enough seats, taken up by said kids) are glaring, but they are either oblivious or don't give a shit. I wonder if i were ever this way in my youth. I may just not have been this social, but they really are irritating.

Well thankfully my stop is coming up in 3 minutes so ima pack up here.


  1. Yay for Dana moving nearby! I only met him a couple of times but he seems like a sweetie. Yay for getting a little action even if it wasn't super exciting, hell it's more than me. (BTW - determined any dude I get together with has to be a football fan. Tired of watching games alone. Oh, and drink. F that not drinking bullshit.)

    Also yay for fun times and nice train rides.

    Boo for lame teenagers, but yeah, I distinctly recall being OBNOXIOUS as hell, and if I was bad, imagine how most people are. I mean in terms of volume, but I remember talking loudly, being disrespectful, being a little shit. Just really wanted people to notice me, trying to define myself, getting used to being out on my own with no parents. It's all part of growing up and learning, but it is a pain to have to be nearby when it happens.

  2. Heh yah, D was here but only for a visit. He went back that weekend. :( He's definitely a cool friend. Was a bit awkward in college, but he quickly became one of the most balanced and most interesting people i know. I enjoy his company and intelligence and maturity (and for those reasons, am glad and grateful that if i had to have any mutual friend with ex, it's D).

    I'll keep in mind that if i come across any football guys, to send them your way before disposing of them instantly and completely. Meanwhile, you can pass along those useless non-drinkers my way.