Monday, November 9, 2009

Hard drives and pierogis

So today I woke up super late. On the rag, outside is super rainy - it's just not going to happen. I came downstairs just before NOON, shivery, started a major fire, ate yummy leftovers and talked with Grace. Then just as I sit down and start fucking around on the 'net (in hopeful pre-thesis mode), there's a thump at the door, and I realize... it's my hard drive!

I bought a terabyte hard drive on Friday, was hoping it would get delivered on Saturday but they were all "your shipping address is different than your billing address durr hurr" so they fucked it up awesomely, so here it is today. Then of course that takes up several hours of me playing with my new toy. Finally around 4ish I realize that pierogi making is going to be a Production so I figure I start early so they'll be ready early, and we can just boil and fry them up when it's dinner time. Well fast forward 4 hours later, and between the beet & chickpea salad, doing a double batch of pierogi (half to save for later), sending Grace to the store for Tofutti Sour Supreme, and Joni making gingered greens, plus carmelizing onions and figuring out how to boil, drain, and fry the pierogi in the right times was... whew. Anyway they turned out great, a little chewy but good, and people all enjoyed them.

Tomorrow I really REALLY need to get a full day in on the thesis. I'm just going to start writing the sections for the Netherlands. It would be nice to have that done in the next few days so that I can start editing the sections, maybe have other people read them, and get the other parts taken care of (like uh the whole America part, but also I don't know if I really have a literature review per se). I basically have 2 weeks, and I told Bob I'd put some edits into InDesign for the Redmond project I worked on last summer. It worked out well, I don't have time for the 20-40 hours he was originally asking for, but putting the edits in should be more along the lines of 6 hours I think.

Meanwhile I also have a meeting to attend on the 19th, and I do have to do some work on the contract for Tulalip, see where Eiko is with the maps, what else I need before our December meeting, and when we're having it. I also need to call Erica, catch up, hopefully hear awesome birthday stories and apologize for only facebook messaging her and not actually calling on her bday. I am SO lame. Also need to then ask her to do me a favor and get my ticket home set up for Xmas. Then talk about when I would come visit her. I'd still like to visit this late winter/early spring, I think it's very do-able.

Anyway! I hope you had a good day and I will talk to you tomorrow.

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  1. Yay toys and good food - it's like early Christmas! And good job on doing more planning on tackling the fecal pile. Sounds like most of what's left for you is all within your forte - the writing, so that's a good point to be.

    Hope contacting Erica goes (or went) well, and so do travel plans! Do you know if she's still into much knitting? I was wondering if she'd join us on Ravelry. :) I've been sucking friends in here and there. For whatever reason, the process of locating and identifying knitting buddies has been enormously enjoyable for me.