Monday, November 2, 2009

for Tuesday, November 3rd.

Hey you, yah you, WB, where are you? I'm totally talking to myself on this thing! :)

Alright alright, for realz now. This is what i intend on doing tomorrow (Tuesday), Jour de Solidarite` (made-up Francais).

- wake up around 7am (or somewheres in the single digits would be impressive).
- shower, get dressed, get ready, go to cafe. More impressive if this also happens in the single digits.

- send ex-mail. done. out. over.
- fix up thesis lit review draft to email. This poses some difficulties in that i still haven't gotten a copy of Word. It's a bit long that i don't know if i want to mess with it in Google Docs. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
- respond to accumulated emails because i've been a jackass with blowing off probably about half a dozen people.
- as time permits, translate letter (more on that later).
- check up on enrollment stat with Direct Loans.

PS: I will be signed onto gtalk, but as "invisible". This is because i know that if i log in normally, i'll be chatting with James all day, and as enjoyable as that is, i have wasted the vast majority of my time that i'm online talking with him. He will just have to be bored in his cubicle and save up all the chatting for our meet. I cannot feel guilty about this!! Anyway, yah, so fyi even if i look like i'm not online, i most likely am and am accessible.

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  1. Yay for sending the e-mail!!

    Not too sure about office options. Were I there I would just install a copy for you. There is also a free version called OpenOffice, but I think it's kind of buggy, and doesn't always play well with real Office. It may still be worth a try.

    ALSO: you can try out office for a short time, and then it will make you buy it. But by then perhaps you will either have bought it OR found someone to help you steal it.