Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Today, Tomorrow, Weekend?

Today i wasn't super productive, but i did:

- locate a copy of Office, to be in my hands by tomorrow evening.
- revise my resume (just need said program to put in the corrections, tweak it a bit more, and it'll be ready).
- write up half my cover letter.

Tomorrow i shall:

- do some house stuff in the morning, like cleaning my room, laundry, clean out car, etc. (library opens late on Thursdays anyway so that works)
- try to finish up cover letter
- pick up James at the station in the early evening and go out for dinner.

On another note, though the end of the week is fast approaching, i wouldn't mind carrying through with this solidarity streak into the weekend since it's been working pretty well. Maybe not full days, maybe not both days (library closed on Sundays anyway) but since i at least feel the motivation/momentum right now, i'm alright with not killing it. Plus i did plenty of playing/sleeping last weekend, plus i totally took Monday off, so i'm feeling a-okay about doing some work over the weekend. Not sure what your thoughts are on this, but if you're down, feel free to join.

And with that, coffee shop is now closed so i'm heading home.


  1. This weekend on Saturday I'm watching the Penn State v Ohio State game with a friend at her place, so not sure how much Solidarity I'll get done on that day. Perhaps in the evening but that'll be late late for you. If I can wake up at a decent time, maybe in the morning? That's a big if.

    Sunday we're having Stitch n' Bitch in the evening, but I wouldn't mind aiming for some Sunday morning solidarity.

  2. That sounds cool. I actually just heard back from my new herbal contact and she said i can come for a pick up on Friday night, so Saturday might turn into a lazy day at Howie's enjoying the acquisition with Pat (H's roomie/my new blaze-buddy). But since most of Thursday, all of Friday, and with that, all of Saturday will be devoted to play time, Sunday Solidarity sounds great to me.