Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I left the house about an hour ago, stopped to get myself a coffee and a bagel, and snuck it into the library where i am now set up. Did the morning online routine check (email/FaceBook/Blogger), sent you a wake-up text, and am about to start off the day with an entry here.

Didn't wake up as early as i wanted, but didn't go to bed as early as i wanted either. Had an almost-3-hour convo with A., said chick that pissed me off with her email a few days ago. She told me yesterday that she wanted to talk. It wasn't the most fun of conversations, but okay. I think she was quite glad at the end of it, i thought i was too, though i also woke up with some questions about it/wasn't really sure if she got me 100%. She is sweet but kind of a difficult person to talk to, because she thinks everything in emotional terms and also holds very naive/idealistic views that she is very inflexible with. (For instance, her main concern was being butt hurt for having been "left out" of the whole ordeal when it went down, which i thought was rather self-centered. I repeatedly told her that it side-swiped me just as much and if she wanted to have been included in the drama (i kind of understand why she wasn't), she needs to talk to those who did the planning and not me - but she's too emotionally caught up in this to hear it. Like "no, i just don't believe that they'd be like that to me, i just can't accept that". Oy. THIS WASN'T ABOUT YOU.) Overall though, she seemed happier at the end of the convo than the beginning and said she was glad she called me, so i guess that's worth something.

I do remember getting a headache somewhere during that conversation, which i went to bed with, which might explain part of the exhaustion. I'm still having some amount of difficulty falling asleep closer to normal hours, and that combined with opening/closing the bedroom door for the cats whenever they ask (door is being kept closed to avoid mommage) has made for less-than-optimal sleep. Still something to work on.

Anyway, so today's to-do list.

- At some point, get up the gumption to check Yahoo! mail where ex-mail was sent from yesterday, though getting a response isn't too important, definitely not pressing in terms of time, and maybe i can wait a few more days. Or perhaps it's better that i don't read anything from him at all. I don't know. Wouldn't til i read it.
- Never finished cleaning the room. Being that tomorrow's the day i have the non-date and also dad's coming back from Japan, i should clean the room so not to give him (dad) something to bitch about / do laundry so i have clean clothes. I know i will be out beyond the time he likes me out, so i'm already anticipating the post-7pm 10-minute interval phone calls, which will undoubtedly embarrass me in front of my non-date.
- I should work on the feces today. I haven't worked on the writing in a while, but i'd like to be done with it someday so i can one day fling it at my advisor. As for the issue regarding Word - my partial solution is that the computers at this library have it. Upon a quick check though, they seem to limit log-in time to 30 minutes, which is pretty lame. I'll have to see how re-login works (if it just prompts me to push a continue button, or if it locks me out for a while) and if this would be too disruptive to the flow of work.
- A number of emails still await my responding.
- Stupid Direct Loans people may still be getting me into undeserved credit trouble, (i started getting mail again) so that needs a follow-up.
- Stupid landlord/renter from my apartment in Ithaca is STILL lagging on returning my security deposit from now 3 months ago, and giving me BS about losing my last check and whatnot. Also need to check with these f*tards.
- Stupid grievance letter still needs to be completed and sent to the Ombudsman for review. This will also require use of Word, so it's likely i won't get to it today.
- Stupid (other) ex owes me at least a grand. This has also been in the back of my mind as something i should do something about. Facing another high-stress email does not entice me.

Alright, i'm obviously starting to get disgruntled and negative and stressed out so i'll stop. I'm starting to waste time here (yours too) so i'll start with that list and see where i get to today.

One more to-do item to hopefully alter my mood for the better:
- start on the application to that job posting from yesterday. Due date is 11/16 - but i want to avoid being a last-minute submitter on this one.

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  1. Good for progress on some fronts & doing icky stuff! Maybe this just ends up being a friendship that trails off or something, but it sounds like at least you got to explain some of your side, which can be helpful at least. She could be a better friend later when she grows up a bit.

    Also, lame for lots of people doing stupid shit that you have to call them on, but good on you for calling them on it. I think it feels better to make the effort than to just give up and wonder if you could have done it differently, personally.