Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ohh, BooBoo...

DOOD, okay. New week, new list. A coupla new headaches to add.

I made a very recent realization that i haven't paid car insurance. In MONTHS. (The irony is that these realizations only occur to *good* drivers that never need to think about their insurance coverage.) These were one of those moments where the more i thought about the thought, the worse the situation got (or the more the bad situation presented itself). I thought:

- Why haven't i paid car insurance in so long? How did i forget?
Because i haven't heard from them in a while like i usually do.
- Why not?
Because the email address they have for me is the one i've been avoiding checking for the last couple of months, due to completely unrelated reasons.
- Well, but they were on auto-pay on the credit card.
Yes, but that was my old credit card, which expired in August. Which is about the time they would've notified me. Except they would've through email. Except that was around the time i started being avoidant of said email account.

HolyshitHolyshitHolyshit. F*CK.

So that needs to be dealt with, and ASAP. I don't want to deal with it. I don't even want to deal with my landlord situation when i'm 100% right.


  1. Hey, dunno if you've already dealt with this, but likely what will happen is you just have to call up, maybe explain what happened, as much as you feel like, and ask to restart.

    They usually will restart your insurance, maybe not retroactively, and you might pay a higher premium for a while. Still, better than not having it. I think I've done this before and it wasn't that bad, honestly.

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  3. I think i did this once, when i moved to SF. Caught up in all the other life adjustments, my car insurance coverage had lapsed by a day or something, and after realizing i even made sure i didn't use my car during that time in the hopes that that would help my case in some way (it didn't), but my premium jumped up to twice the rate. I can't believe that i'm scared to do something now because of a booboo experience i had 7 years ago, but i think that's what secretly scaring me - because it's Tuesday and i still haven't done anything about this (though i've also not used my car since this post, heh.)