Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hullo, and long time no post.

I should be doing some work tonight, as i have a meeting with my advisor tomorrow morning. I am having some difficulty pushing myself tonight, i also have a mild headache that is making me lethargic, so i figured i'd start here, organize my thoughts, collect myself, and see if from there i become somewhat motivated to go on to tackling the mandatories.

My parents are leaving for Japan in 2 days, likely for the next 2-3 months. I have yet to really grasp this reality - it is so much freedom that i don't exactly know what to do with myself. I am intending on making the most of it, since i know that if i don't go into it with the mental commitment, i'll end up hibernating the entire time. The plan is to try to get in 30 hours of work every week, at either a library or coffeeshop. "Work" involves either thesis work or job hunting. Aside from that, i'd like to make sure to get a few other things done every week, including: going to the gym, going to yoga, having real weekends, volunteering (at a friend's organic farm), eating breakfast, cleaning the house (my parents' and client's), etc. The other thing i want to strive for is having a somewhat normal sleep schedule through the weekdays. I know that if i actually hit the sack at/before midnight, i don't have *as much* difficulty getting up. It's just that keeping myself in check when there is no workplace or classroom or other forms of reporting to people, it becomes very very difficult to stay on top of it and stay disciplined. I might go back to reporting my progress here in hopes of helping with that.

Aside from that, latest pieces of news are:
- Chestnuts were made into chestnut creme - trial #1 went well and trial #2 turned out even better. Jars of the stuff are being distributed amongst family friends and so far no one has died so that's good.
- I got a FB message from Da, my old boyfriend from now 12 years ago (we rarely contact each other). In it, he told me that he recently had a random dream about us. This was weird enough since i also randomly had a dream about the two of us a few months ago, out of nowhere. He then told me about his, which turned out to be crazy because it was basically the same exact dream that i had. Both dreams were particularly vivid and emotionally-charged, and the scenario was that we were getting married to each other, but i was being hesitant about the wedding and trying to get out. It was as though we were both in the same dream, just from different perspectives. Weirdness. But i'm glad he shared it since without that we wouldn't have found out about our overlapping experience. :p
- A friend forwarded me a job posting today - which has particularly piqued my interest considering it seems pretty doable and ideal. It's working as an English tutor for Japanese students (K-12). I meet the requirements, the hours are flexible, the location is 10 minutes away, and pay is pretty decent at $18 an hour. It certainly pays better than cleaning, aside from that gig this'd be the first paycheck i've gotten in almost 2 years, and intensive language teaching is something i've basically been doing with my dad for the past 6 months. Applying for it is on my current to-do list, possibly for tonight if all else goes well.
- I currently have a crush on this architect:
That picture reminds me a little of our old roomie Jamie (but not as bitchy), but i think he kind of looks like a super hot version of Matt LeBlanc. I look at people like him and realize that the notion of all men being created equal is a crock of shit. He's half Turkish, just 33, 6'2", Ivy-League educated, a former actor, singer, and model, but most of all, is actually a successful architect (at least in terms of being good enough to have his own TV show) and as if i hadn't creamed my undies yet - he's left-handed to boot. (Of course, given the above and my own history, i would probably guess that he's also gay.)

Okay wow, it's 10pm. I've had my little Japanese energy drink, my thoughts have been somewhat sifted through, so ima try hittin them books. Ttfn.