Tuesday, August 14, 2012

T - Minus...

Aaand fast-forward to three days before my Ithaca move-out.  No wait, that's today.  When I look at it that way it was fast - but what I think might be happening is that I still have some residual momentum of "let me just get through this last part" that I might be idling away the week still trying to let it pass and not realizing all that I have to get done.  As my learning mind still only speaks Visualese, I'm blogging it out loud.

The week with its 'knowns' looks like:
- mostly free
- 1:00 meeting with researcher
- 10:45 meeting with advisor
- leave in the AM

Somewhere in there I must also:
- do my daily waterfall visit
- put together and drop off petition for the grad school so they change their mind about kicking me out of school (another story)
- finish fridge foods
- complete the thesis assignment for Thursday (not sure yet how to tackle this one so I've been avoiding it a bit...)
- pack (kitchen, bedroom, bathroom)
- clean bedroom for move-out
- laundry

I was thinking of doing some laundry this morning to jump start myself on a perceived sense of productivity, but the machines were occupied.  I guess I might start with the waterfall now, and head over there with a notebook so that I can work on my thesis brainstorming.  After that, hit the coffee shop and develop the above further and also get the petition together.  I won't do the drop off til tomorrow though, as I'll have to be on campus for the meeting anyway so I can do my printing and delivery in the same day.  Anyway, if I get a good chunk of work done today, then I might hit the second-hand store again - then home for doing that laundry, which actually works out better since I might have some finds from the store to add to the loads.

Okay, that's the tentative plan.  See if I can get out of the house in some timely manner.  More later.

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