Friday, August 10, 2012


One of the stressful things I had to do yesterday was sending an email about something I'd been dreading facing for a while.  I did the thesis work I was gonna get done for the day (which I kept at not-crazy, just drafting the petition and study plan), then sent the dreaded email off after that and left the office.  To ensure I had an excuse not to have to check email (stressed about the response), I stayed out.  First I went to the lake, hung out for a few minutes, watched from inside the car.  Then I thought I'll hit the animal shelter and go play with some kitties.  I texted my roommate about it too, remembering she'd said she likes cats, but without really expecting to hear back in time anyway.  Went to hit the waterfall to give the text a few minutes, then headed for the shelter.  Of course, they put the months-old, squirming, bubbling litter of adorable cute-tens right in the front lobby (like they'd have trouble finding homes :).  Gah.  Saw a bunch more fabulous felines and talked with some friendly volunteers.

After that, I headed for the second-hand shop.  I'd say not more than four feet into the store, I found the very reason for my visit, what had likely been calling me to this activity for days.  A perfect pair of red mary janes I had been seeking, just peering up at me - and, in my size.  (That's the challenge with this kind of shopping, that if you like something, it'd better also be blemish-free and in your size.  Hitting all three is quite the... feat.  Heh heh.)  The reward: the completion of many-a outfits, and a price tag of $8.95.

Then I picked up some Thai food, went home, dicked around online, and passed out relatively early.

Now at the breakfast table again.  Showered, dressed, and mostly fed.  Staring down at my banana which might be all I could do for this meal.  Due to my inexperience, I did not realize storing bananas in the fridge is a bad idea.  I bought ones that were quite green figuring they're less mushy and I'd take a while to finish all four anyway, but they jumped right over yellow and went straight to brown.  They're mostly green and brown at this point, shriveling dry at the ends, and now that I've left this one out of the fridge for a bit while avoiding eating it, condensation has started forming and the thing looks like it's perspiring profusely.  Honestly, I don't know how straight guys eat this stuff.  ...Probably by storing it properly.

Off to campus soon for my meeting with the Japanese bibliographer, a.k.a. my thesis' guardian angel.  Not sure where to after that.

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