Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Specific To-Do List for Today's Literature Research

Searches to run / places to look:
  • Cornell library website
    • Databases:
      • Web of Science
      • JStor (also jstor.org)
      • Avery
      • Open House International
    • search combinations of following keywords: Japan*, United States, U.S., America*, east*, west*, cultur*, nation*, sustain*, build*, design, green, environment*, eco-*, eco *, individual, character*, societ*, space, time, natur*, cross-*, internation*, ethnograph*, psychol*, anthropol*, sociolog*
    • other topics / areas:
      • 'cross-national' studies
      • cultural psychology, psychological differences
      • cultural patterns
  • Amazon.com
    • books on the topic
    • the "customers who purchased this book also liked" section under each book
  • Google Scholar
    • look at number of times each reference has been cited to determine weight
    • look at any reviews of the article by others, to figure out other available literature and / or get a feel for what's authoritative in the field
  • References cited and/or required readings listed on online college/graduate school course syllabi for cross-cultural study classes being offered
    • general search
    • look up old CMU Japanese profs' courses
All finds:
  • throw into RefWorks
  • read introduction to get an idea of conventional / widely-accepted understanding of topic
  • read literature review section (if available) and references cited to pick up more related publications
  • if available, read reviews / critiques of the literature
Some existing starting points:
  • list from advisor of items found during last meeting
  • "The Geography of Thought" book
  • any response from campus Japanese bibliographer (pending)

There's probably more if I think hard enough, but I'll get started on these for now.  Else I'll just be blogging all day :-p.

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