Thursday, October 29, 2009


Had a phone convo with my old friend Lee tonight. We had had a mini fall out earlier this summer. Right after he visited me in Ithaca, for reasons i couldn't figure out at the time (and still can't, really) he got really mad at me and said that i used him and didn't want to talk to me. (I can only assume that my evil ex roommate had something to do with it since they became FB friends after his visit and she has poisoned every other friendship of mine she's come in contact with.) Anyway, 4 months later he randomly texted me last week asking me why i disappeared from his life (to which, of course, i was like WTF?!) Well, to make a long story of many back-and-forth texts short, we talked and realized we're still friends, and decided i'd go down and visit him sometime. We're now trying to figure out a time when i can come see him in Philly where he is. I don't really have a reliable car right now, but it turns out parking sucks in his hood anyway. This was a good thing though, because we checked out bus options instead and holy shit, are they cheap. They're like $8.50 each way, and trains are even cheaper around $5 (though not as direct). His house is his own that he bought, so he says i can come hang out and stay for as long as i'd like. So this trip is projected to take place sometime during the month of November (mom is leaving for Japan in early December for several months, so it'll be a good way to avoid her evil powers for at least part of the time til then).

This traveling thing might be turning into a habit, but i hope it's a healthy one. It thankfully isn't the most detrimentally expensive one if i consider i'm saving on rent right now, and it's good to take advantage of my current flexible schedule while i can.

(The rest of this entry may be repetitive to you - just needed to vent and think out loud while i was on the topic.)

The night before Lee texted me, Adam texted me in a very similar fashion (it was a weird week). Now apparently he misses me and i'm dear to him and mean so much to him, etc. etc. Back 4 months ago, he bitched me out, ostracized me, defriended me on FB, treated me like shit, and left me out in the cold when i needed him the most, and now he's back out of the blue telling me all this stuff, even sending me a (re-)friends request on FB as though nothing ever happened. I just don't even know what to think or say or do. Part of me wants to slap him across the face and spit in it, and part of me really wants to talk things through and make up and salvage anything i can because i know how much it'll mean to me to recover one of my lost friendships from grad school and how that would heal me (and he seems he wants that too). But then, it hurts to think of how much i feel like i'm betraying myself if i were to do this. I do not know what to do. What is the appropriate/normal/expected course of action that one would take in a situation like this?

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  1. 1) Yay for traveling! Be careful in Philly, place is ghettttttttto.

    2) I think I gave advice on the Adam thing similar to discussion with that chick - have a discussion, lay out reasons that you're hurt, ask him for an explanation of what he was thinking/doing. If he acts like an ass or blames you, then whatev, he can stay gone. If not, maybe work out a miscommunication and gain a friend back (similar to Lee).

    Maybe you pissed off a Romany woman and she put a 4 month curse on your East Coast relationships, and now the curse has lifted.